Opening Ceremony Speech by Mr. Omar Ousman Jobe CRC Secretary




Opening Ceremony Speech by Mr. Omar Ousman Jobe

CRC Secretary


I bring you warm greetings from the Chairman and Commissioners of the Constitutional Review Commission.  I would also like to convey the sincere apologies of the Chairman, Justice Cherno Sulayman Jallow (QC) for not being present during this opening due to other pressing official engagements.


As you may already know, the mandate of the CRC as stipulated in Section 6 of the 2017 CRC Act, is to draft a new Constitution for The Republic of The Gambia and to prepare a report in relation to the drafting of the new Constitution. To draft a new Constitution, the CRC is required to review the 1997 Constitution and in the process, consult with Gambians at home and abroad in order to seek their opinions on what they aspire to see included in a new, progressive, Constitution for The Gambia. The Commission has since then been working tirelessly, rolling out activities to deliver on its mandate.


The purpose of the household sample survey on the new constitution is:


To encourage people in randomly selected households to participate in the process of making the new constitution;

The household survey will complement and supplement the qualitative information obtained from the public consultations with quantitative information;

The household survey is expected to follow strict statistical procedures to obtain the opinion of the people on the new constitution. This will provide a strong statistical basis to make inferences about the constitutional views of the people;


In other words, the household sample survey will enable the CRC to determine the percentage of the people who are in favour of any given constitutional issue/subject matter.

The public consultations which had been concluded would give the reasons for any opinion expressed by individuals.


Implementation of the survey


The CRC staff and appointed enumerators will visit the selected households to collect the required information on prescribed questionnaires during the month of March and April, 2019.


The public is hereby requested to give their maximum support to the CRC enumerators and supervisors.

Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, it is important to note that the overall goal of this survey is to facilitate the collection and analysis of data, using a scientific and statistically sound approach, involving appropriate and pretested survey instruments.  The able CRC statisticians will in a bit take you through the finer details of the scientific approaches and methodology of the survey.


The CRC survey which is expected to last for 30 days, is a nation-wide exercise which covers selected areas in all of the regions of the country. A total of 463 Enumeration Areas have been identified. I can safely inform you that out of the current eligible voters which is estimated at about 1,064,619 (according to the 2013 Gambia Census), 9,263 individuals will be interviewed across the country, which represents about 1% of the current total voter population.


The two day training will be followed a practical field exercise on Thursday (the modalities of which shall be further discussed by the statisticians). 52 participants in total are taking part in this survey (12 supervisors, and 40 enumerators). Actual work on the survey is expected to commence next week Monday the 18th March 2019, and engagement contracts shall be signed by participating non-CRC staff.

The CRC Head of Programmes (under whose departmental portfolio this survey is being conducted), shall in collaboration with the statisticians further discuss with you the general expectations of the survey (i.e. remunerations, certifications, terms/conditions of the contract etc.).


Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen, I strongly urge you to take this training seriously and endeavour to fully and actively participate in all sessions. The survey is an important national development exercise which is in line with the Gambia’s National Development Plan (2018 – 2022) strategic priority towards National Unity, Good Governance and Democracy. Many have applied, but few were selected. The statisticians were mindful to identify and select people who have good past experience and knowledge in carrying out such surveys. Therefore it is important to cooperate with them always in the entire process of this survey exercise.


On that note and on behalf of the CRC Chairman Justice Cherno Sulayman Jallow (QC), I conclude by wishing you a successful training and field exercise. Guided by the principles of the CRC Act 2017, the CRC shall continue to discharge its functions and mandate in an independent and objective manner, and in the spirit of Participation, Inclusiveness, Transparency and Ownership.



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