In carrying out its work, the CRC is required by the Constitutional Review Commission Act, 2017, to have regard to national values and ethos and safeguard and promote the following:

  • The existence of The Gambia as a sovereign independent State;
  • The Gambia’s Republican systems of governance, including democratic values and respect for and promotion of the rule of law and fundamental rights and freedoms;
  • The separation of powers;
  • National unity, cohesion and peace;
  • The importance of ensuring periodic democratic elections based on universal adult suffrage, including the introduction of term limits for serving in the office of President; and
  • The Gambia’s continued existence as a secular State.


The CRC will carry out its assignment in accordance with the requirements and guidelines provided in the Constitutional Review Commission Act, 2017. It will engage such other processes, as are not inconsistent with the provisions of the Act, as it considers appropriate. In this context, therefore, the CRC will hold focused and thematic discussions with different stakeholders, consult widely with the public and conduct civic education on the constitution-making process.

The CRC will adopt different approaches duringthe constitutional review process. It will invite various stakeholders to submit contributions/suggestions to be considered in the constitutional reform process. It will also hold direct face-to-face dialogue with Gambians and other persons who have an interest in the constitution-making process of The Gambia.

In addition, the CRC established its own website and created a platform through which persons may submit contributions/suggestions on constitutional reform.